The religious beliefs of America’s Founding Fathers: Christians or deists?

2 responses to “The religious beliefs of America’s Founding Fathers: Christians or deists?”

  1. Doyl L Watson II says:

    Thank you for writing & posting this Article. It is the Most reasoned and accurate description of the beliefs held by our Founders, that I have read yet. I will refer to it often.

    Regardless of where each of the Founders was on the Spectrum from Deist to Theist to Christian, there can be no doubt, that all were influenced by Many of the Principles found in the Bible.   Furthermore, all but one or two believed that Gods Favor was important to the Prosperity of the Nation, and that Biblical Morality  in the People & Fear of God in the Leaders they choose, were the BEST security for our Republican Freedom & Prosperity.

  2. Linda says:

    I found your article to be very interesting but I'm not quite so sure I can believe all that you have laid out.  The Queen of Spain sponsored Cristopher Columbus to come back to North America to spread gospel.  At that time the Queen of Spain was Catholic. There must have been Protestants in North America at the same time because 54 of the Constituent signatures were  orthodox and the last one was a God-fearing bible believing christian.

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