Civil War Library

by Gordon Leidner of Great American History

Listed below are links to articles written by the web author on various interesting subjects of the Civil War. Many of these articles have been extensively quoted by educators, students, blogs, or Civil War web sites.

Also there is a Favorite Links page that will take you to other good history-oriented web sites.

Civil War

Abraham Lincoln

  • Lincoln's Faith in God
  • Did Lincoln Really Say That?
  • Lincoln Wins the Republican Nomination in 1860
  • Short 600 Word Biography of Abraham Lincoln
  • Abraham Lincoln's Honesty
  • Abraham Lincoln's Humor
  • Fact Check of Spielberg's Lincoln Movie
  • Recommended Reading on the Civil War and Abraham Lincoln
  • Academic Article from the Lincoln Herald on Lincoln as a Transformational Leader
  • Academic Article Comparing Leadership Skills of Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis
  • GAH Search